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Acosta, Laura. MS, RD, LD/N Website. LifeStyle Wellness
LinkedIn. Laura Acosta
Facebook. LifeStyle Wellness
Twitter. @HealthyTweets
Owner/Founder of LifeStyle Wellness LLC; Author of "Living Lean: 8 Steps to Success®". Specializes in Weight Loss, Diabetes, Renal, Oncology and Sports Nutrition. Certified Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise; Certified Group Exercise Instructor from Aerobics and Fitness Association of America; Certified Pilates Instructor from Pilates Institute of America
Adams, Elaine. RD Website/Blog. Nutrition for a Better Life
Blogger, Writer. Nutrition for a Better Life
Alfonso, Marta. MS, RD Website.
Landman and Associates
Private Practice, Associate of Landman;  Specialties include Diabetes, Bariatric, Weight Management, Gastrointestinal Disorders & Cancer based Nutrition.

Alicea, Ronni. RD, MBA


Founder, Celinal Foods; Writer; Speaker; Consultant for Consumers, Professionals &  Industry;  Specialties include Celiac Disease, Food Allergies & Food Intolerance solutions; Special area of interest: Food Service Management for Gluten-Free &  Food Avoidance Requests.

Amidor, Toby. MS, RD, CDN
Website. Toby Amidor Nutrition
Facebook. Toby Amidor Nutrition
Twitter. @tobyamidor

LinkedIn. Toby Amidor
Nutrition expert for, Nutrition Advisor for FitStudio (powered by Sears); Adjunct Professor for Teachers College, Columbia University. Online Content Development, Menu Development, Speaker,  Writer, Blogger, Consultant, Recipe analysis
Andrews, Lisa. MEd, RD, LD Website.

Owner & Nutrition Consultant for Sound Bites Nutrition; Certified in Adult Weight Management;  Corporate Wellness;  Diet Analysis; Meal Planning; Grocery Store Tours; Speaker; Writer; Private Practice; Spokesperson; Nutrition Expert for,,

Ansel, Karen. RD Twitter. Writer, Foodie. Spreading the word that healthy eating can taste great.
Arnold, Nicole. RD, LD Website. Hy-vee Market Hy-vee; Certified in Adult Weight Management; Wellcoaches health coach training program

Aronson, Dina. MS, RD


President, Welltech Solutions & Bistro; Bridges the Gap between Nutrition & Technology; Provides Nutrition Services for Websites & Restaurants; Expert in Nutrition Labeling; Author; Speaker; Specializes in Nutrition Technology

Baez, Jannell. MS, RD Website.
Landman and Associates
Private Practice, Associate of Landman;  Specialties include Bariatric, Diabetes, Weight Management, Cardiovascular Disease; Counseling; Researcher, testing the efficacy of various weight loss and diabetes medications

Bajenaru, Alysa. RD, CPT

Website/Blog. Inspired RD
Facebook. Inspired RD
Twitter. InspiredRD

Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine); Group Fitness Instructor (American Council on Exercise); Expertise: Family Nutrition, New Mom Fitness, Weight Management, Nutrition Education. Contributor and instructor for Baby Boot Camp Nutrition Solutions Program; Writer; Blogger

Baker, Janice. MBA, RD, CDE, CNSC

Website. Taking Control of Your Diabetes
LinkedIn. Janice Baker MBA RD CDE CNSC
Twitter. @janicebakerrd

Certified Diabetes Educator; Certified Nutrition Support Clinician; Speaker; Private Practice; Columnist; Spokesperson; Writer

Balkman, Emilie. MPH, RD, LDN Website. Owner, Foods2Chews, LLC; Nutrition Consultant; Writer; Spokesperson; Specialties include General Nutrition &  Wellness, Weight Control, Prevention & Treatment, Maternal & Pediatric Nutrition; Food Labeling;  Recipe Development; Nutrient Analysis

Barbour, Mary. MA, RD

Writer; Media Expert; Lifestyle Dietitian; Wellness Consultant
Batavia, Aarti. MS, RD, CLT
Website: Aarti Batavia
Blog: Aarti Batavia Mehta
Twitter: @AartzRD
Facebook: Aarti Batavia Mehta
LinkedIn: Aarti Batavia
Nutrition & Wellness Consulting LLC: One-on-one consultation for Diabetes, Heart Health, Food Sensitivities, Gastrointestinal Problems, Celiac, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, PCOS, Weight Management, Gestational Diabetes, Autism, and ADHD. Spokesperson for the Michigan Dietetic Association; Writer, Blogger, Private Practice, Columnist, Clinical
Bell, Jenna A. PhD, RD, CSSD Website/Blog. Swim, Bike, Run, Eat!
Blog. Eat Right Around Chicago
LinkedIn. Jenna Bell
Twitter: @EatRightAround
Facebook. Jenna A. Bell
Writer/presenter and co-author of Energy to Burn: The Ultimate Food and Nutrition Guide to Fuel your Active Lifestyle (John Wiley & Sons 2009). Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics; Co-founder of Swim, Bike, Run, Eat!; Provides seminars at major athletic events; Columnist for Today’s Dietitian, consumer magazines and scientific journals; Nationwide TV appearances;  radio programs and podcasts.
Berkowitz, Valerie. RD Website.
Certified Diabetes Educator & Certified Lifestyle Counselor
Berman, Jae. MS, RD, CSSD
Website. Jae Berman Nutrition
Twitter. @JBNutrition
Facebook: Jae Berman Nutrition
Blog. Jae Berman Nutrition     
LinkedIn. Jae Berman
Regional Registered Dietitian for Western Athletic Clubs; Spokesperson for various food companies; Adjunct Professor;  Personal Trainer; Speaker; Writer; Blogger;  Private Practice; Columnist
Berman, Rachel. RD, CSR, CDN LinkedIn. Rachel Berman, RD, CSR, CDN
Facebook. Rachel Berman
Twitter. @RBBermanRD 
Working on spreading my passion for nutrition nationwide.

Berry, Gina. MS, RD, CSP

Website. The Nutrition Pros
LinkedIn. Gina Berry

Pediatric nutrition, in person, phone or web-based counseling services.  Specializes in Autism Spectrum, Celiac, FTT, blenderized tube feeds, and all children with special needs.  Speaker, Private Practice, Clinical

Beseler, Lucille. MS, RD, LD/N, CDE   Website. Author, Nurturing with Nutrition; Certified Diabetes Educator; Private Practice, specializes in obesity, failure to thrive, food allergies, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, inflammatory bowel disease & celiac disease
Beyer, Julie. MA, RD, CWPC Website. Confident Choices 
LinkedIn. Julie Beyer
Twitter: @ICDietitian    
Facebook: Confident Choices
Blog. Interstitial Cystitis Diet: Confident Choices

Website. NutraConsults  
Specializes in Interstitial Cystitis Diet & Interstitial Cystitis treatments. Author of several books including A Cookbook for Interstitial Cystitis and Overactive Bladder, Customizing the Interstitial Cystitis Diet and A Guide for Nutrition Educators. She is an advocate for IC patients with over 20 years experience educating, entertaining & motivating her audiences to make healthy lifestyle choices. Speaker; Author; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice; Clinician
Birkett, Kathy. RD, LD
Website. Nutrition for the Health of It
Twitter. @KathyBirkettRDN
Blog. Nutrition for the Health of It

Facebook. Nutrition for the Health of It
Co-owner Knowledge Connection, LLC; Geriatric Nutrition, Menu Modification/Assessment, Camp Menu Approval, Food Safety, Servsafe, Blogger, Clinician, Private Practice, Speaker
Bitzer, Rebecca. MS, RD, LD

Website. Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD and Associates
Blog. Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD and Associates
Twitter:  @RebeccaBitzerRD

Facebook:  Rebecca Bitzer and Associates
LinkedIn: Rebecca Bitzer  

Owner, Rebecca Bitzer & Associates; Specializes in management consulting, eating disorders, and weight loss. Provides one-on-one counseling, Nutrition Support Groups & Nutrition Education Classes; On the Board of Directors of Nutrition Entrepreneurs; Nutrition Entrepreneurs Mentor Coordinator. Writer of numerous newspaper articles, co-authored a textbook chapter in a Medical Nutrition Therapy book; Featured in both nutrition and business textbooks.
Bond Brill, Janet. PhD, RD, LDN Website. Nutrition Expert, The Balancing Act (on Lifetime);  Author, Cholesterol Down;  Adjunct Professor; Certified Exercise Technologist; Certified Personal Trainer;  Certified Wellness Coach; Writer; Speaker; Media Spokesperson; Marathon Runner

Boteler, Bobbi. RD, LD

Website. Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD and Associates

Associate RD; Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy; Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management (ADA); Diabetes, Heart Health, Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, LEAP; Private Practice

Bourque, Kristen. RD

Blog. Swanky Dietitian
Twitter. @Swankydietitian
LinkedIn. Kristen Bourque
Clinician; Blogger; Loves Cooking; Member of the Food and Culinary Professionals

Boyd, Diane. MBA, RD, LDN

Website. Diane Boyd, M.B.A., R.D., L.D.N.
Blog. RD Bytes
Twitter: @dianeboydrd
Diane Boyd, MBA, RD, LDN
My passion is helping others achieve their personal best, whether it is through improved nutrition for competitive sports, or simply improving the quality of their life by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. I specialize in sports nutrition, weight management and wellness. Speaker, Blogger, Private Practice
Braun, Lauren R. RD, LD Website. Founder, Nutritional  Lifestyle Designs; Nutrition Coach; Nutrition Assessment & Counseling; Research; Grocery Shopping Tours; Menu Planning, Nutrition Analysis
Brennan, Lanah. RD, LD, CDE Website. Reactive Nutrition, LLC
Private Practice; Featured Nutrition Expert in & Media; Certified Diabetes Educator; Certificate, Adult Weight Management; LEAP Certified Therapist for Food Allergies & Sensitivities Content Advisor for ADA's Fortification & Supplementation Position Paper
Brighton, Mary. MS, RD Blog. brightonyourhealth
Facebook. brightonyourhealth
Twitter. @mbrighton66

LinkedIn. Mary Brighton
Specialty Pediatric Nutrition. Develops healthcare blogs. Speaker, Writer, Blogger and Private Practice.
Brooking, Katherine. MS, MA, RD

Website. Katherine Brooking, MS, MA, RD
Blog. Appetite for Health
Facebook. Appetite for Health
Twitter. @eatlikeard
LinkedIn. Katherine Brooking, MS, MA, RD
Co-hosts The Victory Project; Nutrition Contributor to national morning shows; Writer;  Co-hosts and Co-produces a weekly series, Appetite for Health, on The Daily Buzz; Co-founded Smart Cookie Productions, LLC, a media communications company providing health-related content for broadcast, web and print.
Brown, Linda L. MA, RD, LDN
Website. Founder, CINET Registered Dietitians; Individualized Nutrition Counseling; Specialties include Diabetes, Weight Management, Meal Planning;  Kidney Disease, Allergies & Gastrointestinal Diseases
Brown-Riggs, Constance. MSEd, RD, CDE Blog.
Certified Diabetes Educator, Author &  Spokesperson for ADA
Byers, Kate. RD Blog.
Nutrition Communicator; Blogger; Writer
Capozzo, Karyn. RD, LD, CDE
Appleaday Lifestyle Counseling, LLC
Facebook. Appleaday Lifestyle Counseling, LLC
Twitter.  appleadaylife
LinkedIn.  Karyn Capozzo, RD, LD, CDE
Our goal is to help you manage a healthy lifestyle whether you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes, or eat right for pregnancy. There are no fads or gimmicks this is scientific based nutrition therapy for everybody. We'll help you change your lifestyle through better habits. Speaker; Blogger; Private Practice
Casagrande, Gina. RD Website.
Blogger & Writer, known on the Internet as "The Candid RD". Director of Nutrition & Health, Imagination to Burn™; Consultant; Speaker; Passionate about educating people about the important role of good nutrition; Loves to experiment with healthy recipes.
Case, Shelley. RD Website.
Celiac & Gluten-free Expert
Casey, Carol S. RD, CDN, LDN Blogs. Just the Facts; Biker Dietitian;
Nutrition Matters; Diary of a Mad Dietitian;
Every Picture Tells A Story
Twitter. @CarolCasey
Facebook. Carol Deming Casey
Registered Dietitian, Patriot, Veteran, Second Generation U.S. Navy Sailor, Photographer, Biker
Castle, Jill. RD Website. Pediatric Nutrition of Green Hills
Pediatric nutrition, Consultant, Writer, Speaker
Catsos, Patsy, MS, RD, LD, CLT Blog:
Author, IBS-Free at Last!; Speaker, IBS-What Does Food Have To Do With It?; Specialties include IBS, lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, FODMAPS intolerance; Speaker; Writer; Blogger; Spokesperson; Private Practice
Cattell, Ashley BSc, RD Website. Philosophy Nutrition & Fitness
Twitter. @Philosophy_ShPk
Blog. Philosophy Nutrition & Fitness
Nutrition Coach; Specializes in Weight Control, Medical Concerns, Corporate Wellness Programs. Speaker, Blogger, Private Practice
Chaubey, Shraddha. MS, RD, CD

Website. Nutripledge
Twitter. Nutripledge

Owner/Founder, NutriPledge, LLC.  On-line Nutrition Consulting Service, includes Personalized Diet & Menu Planning; Recipe Analysis & Modifications; Health and Wellness  Seminars. Specializes in Asian Indian and Vegetarian diets. Speaker; Blogger; Private Practice.
Clarke, Stephanie. RD Website.
Counseling, Consulting & Pre/Postnatal Programs
Clewis, Sharon. RD, LD Website.
Founder, MyRDtoGo®; Mentor to Dietetic Students; Educator, SafeStaff® Foodhandler Certificate Program; Podcaster, for dietitians & other healthcare & wellness professionals; Blogger; Food Photographer

Cochran, Neva. MS, RD, LD

Website. Neva Cochran, MS, RD, LD 
Twitter.  NevaRDLD

Writer & Researcher for Woman's World Weekly & Maximum Fitness magazines; Consultant and/or Spokesperson for food & nutrition industry, currently including the California Raisin Marketing Board, the Egg Nutrition Center, the Corn Refiners Association and Nutrilite.
Collins, Nancy. PhD, RD, LDN Website.
Facebook. Dr. Nancy Collins
Educator. Resources to increase productivity. Unique place for the RD to network, learn & grow; Legal Expert. Excellent site for all your RD needs.
Converse, Judy. MPH, RD, LD
Website. Nutrition Care for Children
Website. Special Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free
Blog. Nutrition Care for Children
Twitter. @NutrCareAutism
LinkedIn. Judy Converse, MPH RD LD
Facebook. Nutrition Care for Children
Facebook. Special Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free
Founder/President at Nutrition Care for Children, LLC. Specializes in Autism diets, special diets, biomedical interventions for autism, nutrition-focused strategies for babies and kids that help them learn, grow, and thrive; Pharm-Free strategies for autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, growth and feeding problems. Writer, Clinician, Speaker, Author (Special-Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free; Special-Needs Kids Eat Right )

Covey, Alice. RD, CD

Website. Private Practice; Specializes in Mindful & Intuitive Eating, Healthy at Any Size Approach, Eating Disorders; Restaurant & Grocery Store Classes; Educator, Speaker, Conducts Workshops
Danahy, Anne. MS RD LDN
Website/Blog: Craving Something Healthy
Facebook: Craving Something Healthy
LinkedIn: Anne Danahy MS RD LDN
Twitter: @CraveSomeHealth
Pinterest: Craving Something Healthy
Experience in counseling, coaching, and educating both individuals and groups. Blogs about food and nutrition. Forever passionate about food and wellness; loves to inspire others to cook, eat, and live a healthier lifestyle. Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Private Practice.
DeBaun, Ulrike M. RD, LD Website. Dietitian Directory Private Practice; Specialist,  Diabetes, GI Problems, Food Allergies, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease; Interest, Use of Supplements & Herbal Products
Diaz, Karen. RD

Website. Healthy Living for Life
Website. Your Online Dietitian
LinkedIn. Karen Diaz, RD

Healthy Living for Life provides personalized, affordable nutrition counseling programs.  Specializes in weight management, eating disorders, and intuitive eating. Recipe analysis is available for individuals and business owners. Certified in Intuitive Eating.
Dickerson, Penny. MS, RD, LD Website. The 40-Day Diet Makeover
LinkedIn. Penny (West) Dickerson, R.D.
Penny Dickerson

Author of "The 40-Day Diet Makeover", a Biblically based weight loss program. Great for individuals or small groups, 21 years experience in Nutrition & Weight Management. Seeking Dietitians who want to earn extra money, to offer this program in local Churches or communities.  Leader Guide Packets & reproducible material are available along with Leader Training. Speaker, Author, Writer, Clinician

Dierks, Melissa. RD, LDN, CDE Website.
Nutrition Consultant; Certified Diabetes Educator
Diversi, Tara. B.HSc, MS, APD

Website. Health Management Dietetics
Twitter. @TaraDiversi
LinkedIn. Tara Diversi

Founding Director of Health Management; Areas of interest: Corporate Health/Nutrition; Nutrition in Food Service; Sports Nutrition; Aged care; School Nutrition. Lecturer; Speaker; Writer, Trainer; Consultant to private and public organizations.
Dobbas, Corinne. MS, RD Blog. Green Grapes Blog
LinkedIn. Corinne Dobbas
Twitter. @GreenGrapesBlog
Facebook. Corinne Dobbas
Specializes in Motivational Interviewing, Intuitive Eating Practices, Counseling, Teaching, Writing, Event Planning, Brand/Social Media Development, Management and Leadership. Talented in Interpreting Nutrition Science for the Public & Managing Companies' Brand and Social Media Development.
Dorner, Becky. RD Website. Becky Dorner & Associates, Improving nutrition care for older adults through publications, presentations & CEUs; Communications Chair, American Overseas Dietetic Association; ADA Research Committee; Co-Chair,  Education Committee at National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
Drago, Lorena. MS, RD, CDN, CDE Websites. Hispanic Foodways;
Lorena Drago
Facebook. Hispanic Foodways
LinkedIn. Lorena Drago
Twitter. @lorenadrago
Certified Diabetes Educator, Hispanic/Latino Educator Specialist; Health Literacy; Author: Beyond Rice and Beans: Caribbean Latino Guide to Eating Healthy with Diabetes; Owner: Hispanic Foodways, provides teaching tools for persons with diabetes. Speaker, Spokesperson and Private Practice.

Dudash, Michelle RD, CD

Website.  Michelle Dudash RD & Chef
Twitter. @michelledudash
Facebook. Michelle Dudash, RD
YouTube. Michelle Dudash, RD

Speaker on Food, Nutrition, Wellness, Culinary; Nutrition Media Spokesperson; On-air Talent; Food, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant; Recipe & Menu Development;  Natural Foods Chef.
Duester, Karen. MS, RD Website. Food Label Expert; Publisher, Food Label News
Dulan, Mitzi. MS, RD, CSSD Website: Nutrition Expert
Blog: Nutrition Expert Blog
LinkedIn. Mitzi Dulan
Twitter. NutritionExpert
Facebook. America's Nutrition Expert®
YouTube: The Nutrition Expert
Correspondent, Speaker, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics & Health Fitness; Co-authored The All-Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Live Like a Champion with NFL future Hall-of-Famer Tony Gonzalez
Earhart, Sarah. MS, RD, LD, CDE Website. The Rite Bite
Blog. The Rite Bite
Twitter. The Rite Bite
Facebook. The Rite Bite
LinkedIn. Sarah Earhart
Assistant Director of Nutrition for the Rite Bite.  The Rite Bite Blog features ways to keep a healthy balance in the real world. Articles  include nutrition, healthy recipes, budget-friendly meal planning, fitness tips, and corporate wellness.
Ellison, Orianna. RD, LDN LinkedIn. Orianna Ellison, RD, LDN
Facebook. EatWell_BeWell

Twitter. @eatWell_beWell
Specializes in eating disorders, adolescent weight management, adolescent nutrition, health & wellness education & promotion. Yoga instructor,  yoga therapy, & staff writer for the CYWH & Teen Speak blog.
El-Zibdeh, Nour.  RD Blog: Practical Nutrition
Facebook: Practical Nutrition
Twitter: NourRD
Linked In: Nour El-Zibdeh

Nutrition Consultant; Freelance Writer, Blogger; Speaker; Workshops; Health Fairs; Grocery Store Tours; and Foodie.

Engles, Frances A. RD, LDN
Bernstein, Mercedes. LD

Website: Expert in Long Term Care; Consultant; Speaker; Leader; Educator; Mentor for RDs; Health Care Providers; Food Service Managers; VP of Cynthia Chow & Associates, LLC
Fagan, Dianne. RD, CDN Website.
What Kids Eat is My Business!
Fauntleroy, Valari. MS, RD, LDN
Website. Finding Your Balance to Health & Wellness Through Nutrition
LinkedIn:  Valari Fauntleroy
Specializes in adult and child weight management, senior nutrition, and MNT for Diabetes, Heart and Kidney Health. Public Health Nutritionist for Indian Health; Private Practice. Provides MNT in an outpatient setting, counsel bariatric patients, childhood obesity, health fairs and community out- reach.
Felesky-Hunt, Samara. B.Sc., RD Website. Samara Felesky-Hunt & Associates   Founder, Samara Felesky-Hunt & Associates; Private Practice; Specializes in Heart Disease,  Weight Management, GI Diseases & Sports Nutrition; Educator; Speaker; Columnist, "Eat Well",  TV Appearances;  Co-author,  "Stress Mastery" and "Bridging Health Care with Self Care"
Field, Lara. MS, RD, CSP, LDN Website. FEED - Forming Early Eating Decisions
Twitter. @larafield
Facebook. FEED
LinkedIn. Lara Field
Founder of FEED, Nutrition Consulting Practice; Consultant for Enjoy Life Foods, Voskos Greek Yogurt, Specializes in Celiac Disease, Food Allergies, Digestive Disease, Picky Eating. Certified Specialist in Pediatrics; Speaker; Blogger; Private Practice; Clinical.
Fisher, Nadine. MS, RD, LD Website. Nutrition Networks
Website. Nadine Fisher
Blog. Social Media & Business Technology
LinkedIn. Nadine Fisher
Twitter. @nadinekf
Facebook. SocialRd
CEO, Nutrition Networks; Internet Entrepreneur; Web Developer; Facebook. SocialRd (Co-Moderator with Rebecca Scritchfield); Speaker; Pioneer of Social Media and Internet Strategies within the dietetic and nutrition profession.
Fishman-Levinson, Jessica. RD Blog.
Writer, Foodie & Wine Enthusiast.
Flipse, Robyn. MS, MA, RDN
Website. Nutrition Communication Services
Blog. The Everyday Dietitian
LinkedIn. Robyn Flipse, MS, MA, RDN
Twitter: @EverydayRD
Areas of interest are food groupings used in dietary guidance and their effectiveness as tools in meal planning and the role of calorie-controlled foods and beverages in weight management. Blogger and author of 3 popular diet books. My credentials as a cultural anthropologist allow me to better analyze the various factors influencing evolving food trends and eating patterns and how to best frame dietary messages to meet nutrition objectives.
Fortunato, Kait, RD Website. Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD and Associates
Blog. Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD and Associates

Twitter. @DietitianinDC
Facebook. Kait Fortunato
LinkedIn. Kait Fortunato
Specializes in private practice, sports nutrition, corporate wellness, pediatric/adolescent health, information technology, social media
Franco, Reyna. MS, RD, CDN, CPT, MBA
Website: Reyna Franco, Registered Dietitian
Twitter: @reynafranco
Facebook: Reyna Franco, Nutrition and Exercise Consulting
Blog: Eat well, feel strong
LinkedIn: Reyna Franco
Specializes in Sports Nutrition and Medical Nutrition Therapy including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Renal Disease, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Pediatrics, Women's Health, Geriatrics and Weight Management. Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Private Practice, Columnist, Spokesperson, Clinical
Frank, Sandra. EdD, RD, LDN Website. Dietitians-Online
Website. Weighing Success

Newsletter. Wellness News
Blogs.  Dietitians Online,  Wellness News
Facebook. Dietitians-Online
Food Journalist; Researcher; Menu, Recipe & Web designs; Editor, Wellness News; Author, Menu Solutions; Mother of 1992 United Cerebral Palsy poster child
Frederico, Catherine. RD Website.
Combines interest in Nutrition Science, love of fabulous foods & creative photography
Freeman, Jenna. RD, LD Website. Consultant, Total Nutrition Therapy, LLC; Specialist, Diabetes, Clinical Dietetics, Weight Management
Fuller, Lorna. RD Website.
Senior Recruiter, Sodexo
Furtado, Margaret. RD Website.
Author, Speaker. Specializes in weight loss surgery; Hospital-based & private practice
Gadia, Madhu. MS, RD, CDE Website.
Nutrition Counselor, Diabetes Educator, Writer & speaker; Expert on Indian Cuisine; Author of Indian cookbooks
Gans, Keri. MS, RD, CDN Website.
Private Practice; Spokesperson for ADA in NYC. Loves healthy foods and yoga

Garay, Lisa. RD

Facebook.  Lisa Garay Private Practice, GP Nutrition and Associates, LLC; Specializes in Long Term Care
Geagan, Kate. RD Website.
Blogger; Author of Go Green, Get Lean; Columnist for Pregnancy Magazine
Geiser, Marjorie. MBA, RD, NSCA-CPT Website.
MEG Enterprises. Helps turn your nutrition, fitness or service business into an AMAZING success.

Gidus, Tara. MS, RD, CSSD, LD/N

Website. The Diet Diva
Blog. The Diet Dish

Speaker, Spokesperson, Consultant; Team Dietitian, Orlando Magic; The "Diet Diva" on The Daily Buzz TV show; Nutrition Advisor, American Baby Magazine; Columnist, Golf Fitness Magazine

Giles-Smith, Karen. MS, RD Website. The Wellness Writer®
Blog. The Wellness Writer® Blog
LinkedIn. Karen Giles-Smith, MS, RD

Director of Nutrition Communications at Dairy Council of Michigan; Serves as a media spokesperson. Freelance writer,  specializing in nutrition,  health, wellness and nature writing. Articles published in consumer and trade magazines.

Glovsky, Ellen. PhD, RD, LDN Website. Coaching for Nutrition and Weight Management
Blog. My Journey Making Peace with Food!
LinkedIn. Ellen Glovsky, PhD, RD, LDN
Facebook. Ellen Glovsky
Twitter. @EllenGlovsky
Diet & Nutrition Coach; Focus Helping People Explore and Enhance their Relationship with Food (And yes, we all have a relationship with food); Motivational Interviewing Trainer, Faculty at Northeastern University; Speaker; Writer; Blogger; Clinical; Private Practice
Goldberg, Louise. RD, CSP, LD, CNSC
Website. An Apple A Day Nutrition Consulting
Blog. Healthy Bites-An Apple A Day Nutrition Consulting
Facebook. An Apple A Day Nutrition Consulting
Works with children and families counseling on a variety of topics from wellness to illness. Specializes in gastrointestinal concerns, food allergies, failure to thrive babies, weight management and general nutrition. Speaker on similar topics and writer for magazines and blogs. Private Practice: Counseling conducted via home visit in the greater Houston area or via online chat/phone.

Goldsmith, Amy. RD, LDN

Website. Kindred Nutrition
Blog: Kindred Nutrition
LinkedIn. Amy Goldsmith
Facebook. Kindred Nutrition
Twitter. @kindrednutritio

Specializes in corporate wellness, individual and group nutrition counseling,  medical nutrition therapy, weight control and food allergies in pediatrics to adults. Provides grocery tours and Pantry Makeovers. Speaker; Blogger; Private Practice; Clinical

Grobe, Amy. RD, CDE Website: Fit4D
Facebook:  Amy Grobe, Registered Dietitian

LinkedIn.  Amy Grobe, RD, CDE
Health coach with Specializes in diabetes education and experience working with a variety of populations and health conditions. Private Practice
Grotto, David. RD, LDN Website. 101 Foods that Can Save Your Life
Founder, Nutrition Housecall, LLC; Author, 101 Foods that Can Save Your Life; Advisor to Men’s Health & Fitness Magazine; Produce Chair, PBS Kids advisory board
Halas-Liang, Melissa. MA, RD, CDE Website.
Founder, Super Kids Nutrition, saving the world one healthy food at a time™; Certified Diabetes Educator
Hansson, Mary Ellen. MEd, RD, LDN Website. Dietitian Central Expert, Dietitian Central; Expertise: Renal Nutrition, General Nutrition; Designs Websites
Harris, Dee. RD, LD/N, CDE Website.
Certified Diabetes Educator; Certified in Adult Weight Management; Private Practice; Personal Food Coach; Consultant, LTC
Harris, Ashley. RD, CD Website.
Founder, Crave Health; Private Practice; Counselor; Speaker; Writer
Hattner, Jo Ann. RD Website.
Author, Gut Insight; Private Practice; Speaker; Educator; Author, HELP! My Underwear is Shrinking!

Hayes, Dayle. MS, RD

Website.  Nutrition for the Future
Blog. Eat Well at School
Facebook. School Meals that Rock
LinkedIn.  Dayle Hayes

Chair at School Nutrition Services Dietetic Practice Group; Author, Educator, Nutrition Coach, Speaker, Blogger, Advocate for Improving School Environment, and Workshop Leader for Professional and Consumer Groups
Heller, Marla. MS, RD Website.
Facebook. The Dash Diet
Author, The DASH Diet Action Plan; Advisory board for Chicago Health & Beauty magazine; Featured Nutrition Expert, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Daily Herald, Pioneer Press, Daily Herald, WGN-AM & WNUR-FM; Speaker; Writer; Past-President of the Illinois Dietetic Association
Helm, Janet. RD Website.
Facebook. Nutrition Unplugged
Chief Food and Nutrition Strategist, Weber Shandwick; Founder, Nutrition Unplugged; Writer; Blogger, Consultant; Freelance Author; Spokesperson
Hever, Julieanna. MS, RD, CPT Website. The Plant-Based Dietitian
Blog. The Plant-Based Dietitian
YouTube. Plant-Based Dietitian Channel

Owner, "To Your Health Fitness and Nutrition";  ACE-Certified Personal Trainer; Nutrition Counselor; Writer; Blogger; Speaker. Known as the Plant-Based Dietitian.

Hintlian, Carolyn. RD, MPH, MBA, LDN Website. Boston Nutrition
Twitter. @BostonNutrition
Facebook. Boston Nutrition
Blog. Boston Nutrition
LinkedIn. Carolyn Hintlian,MPH,MBA,RD,LDN
Private Practice; Owner Boston Nutrition. Experienced in Weight Management, Cardiovascular nutrition. Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and certified to teach Kundalini Yoga (IKYTA). Co-authored, "Management of Obesity" chapter in Primary Care Medicine. Speaker; Writer; Blogger; Clinical
Hogan, Michal. RD, LD, CLT Website. Certified LEAP Specialist; Private Practice, specializing in food additive hypersensitivities, fibromyalgia, migraine, autism & other refractory conditions.   
Holden, Kathrynne. MS, RD Website. Specializes in Parkinson's Disease & Nutrition; Author, Cook Well, Stay Well, Eat Well, Stay Well, Parkinson's Disease and Constipation
Hortman, Sarah. RD Website: Sarah Hortman, R.D.
Twitter: Sarah_HortmanRD
Facebook: Sarah Eastridge Hortman, RD
Blog: Sarah Hortman, R.D.
LinkedIn Sarah Hortman
Counseling and Educating in Health and Wellness at Canyon Ranch Spa, at the University of Arizona, Public Health and as a Private Consultant. Co-authored nutrition publication: "Eating for Bone Health". Appears in local newspapers and television.
Hosenfeld, Karin. BS, RD Blogger.
Founder, North Dallas Nutrition; Writer; Blogger, Consultant
Hudnall, Marsha. RD Twitter. Owner, Vermont's Green Mountain at Fox Run. Weight retreat for women tired of dieting; Foodie Dietitian
Israel, Donna. PhD, RD, CLT, LPC, FADA Website. Professional Nutrition Therapists CEO, Professional Nutrition Therapist (PNT); Medical Nutrition Therapy; Corporate Wellness; Speaker; Author; Private Practice; Educator
Jacobs, Joy. PhD., RD Website.
Clinical Psychologist;  Private Practice; Advisor to Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders (F.E.A.S.T)
Jarosh, Willow. RD Website.
Private Practice; Counseling; Communication; Freelance Writer
Jayne, Jill. MS, RD
Website. I will not be bought
Website. Jump with Jill
Blog. On the Beat with the Rockstar Nutritionist
LinkedIn. Jill Jayne
Twitter. @jilljayne
Facebook. Jill Jayne
The Rockstar Nutritionist; Note to Health, President and Creative Director; Specializes in age-appropriate, interactive multimedia designed to creatively teach kids about health; Developed and Performed "I Will Not Be Bought" and  "Jump with Jill", interactive shows teaching nutrition through music and movement.
Johnson, Ana.  MS, RD, CDE Website/Blog. Whole Life Diets
Facebook. Whole Life Diets
Twitter. @wholelifediets
Certified Diabetes Educator; Specializes in Autoimmune disease, Paleo nutrition, diabetes, weight control and restaurant reviews. Private Practice; Clinician;  Speaker; Writer; Blogger.
Johnson, Bonnie. MS, RD Website. Teaspoon Communications
Teaspoon Communications, comprised of 3 food-loving RDs working for commodity groups, food industry, PR agencies, restaurants and media outlets.
Jones, Regan. RD Website. The Professional Palate
Recipe Development; Public & Media Relations; Event Management; Blogger, Writer
Jong, Carol. Ph.D., RD Website.
Continuing Education Courses, Leader in nutrition education and CPEU.
Kalman, Douglas. PhD, RD, FACN Websites.
Director, Miami Research Associates in Nutrition &  Endocrinology;  Spokesperson,  ISSN, NSCA, APS, ACSM; Co-founder,  International Society of Sports Nutrition; Adjunct Professor
Katz, Jennifer Cohen. RD
Website: Eat Well
Twitter: @eatwellmealplan
Facebook: Eat Well Meal Plans
Blog: Eat Well Meal Plans
Owner/Founder, a healthy meal planning service. Culinary Dietitian, Blogger, Food Photographer, Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Counselor. Helping people get nutritious food on their plates by cooking for themselves.
Kayan, Jenifer. RD, LDN Blog. JKayan-RD
Twitter. @jkayanrd
Facebook. Jenifer Kayan, RD
LinkedIn. Jenifer Kayan, RD, LDN
Clinical Dietitian; Enjoys blogging to help educate the public about nutrition
Kecskes, Eve. MS, RD Website. Nutrition by Eve
Blog. Nutrition by Eve
LinkedIn. Eve Kecskes
Facebook. Nutrition by Eve
Twitter. @NutritionbyEve
President of Nutrition by Eve, LLC, a private nutrition practice located in Manhattan. Specialties Include: General Wellness, Disease Prevention, Pre- and Post-natal Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Emotional Eating, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Pediatric and Adolescent Nutrition. Blogger and Writer .
Keddy, Diane. MS, RD, FAED Website.
Eating Disorders, Diabetes, Wellness, Fibromyalgia, PCOS & other health concerns
Kelly, Sheila. RD Website.
President, Skelly Publishing, CPE provider for RDs & CDEs; Excellent CPE programs

Kennedy, Ross. RD

Twitter. bewelleveryday
LinkedIn. Ross Kennedy, RD
Portfolio. Ross Kennedy, RD

Wellness, Weight Management, Early Life Cycle Nutrition, "Mindless Eating"

Killiner, Gillian. MSc, RD Website.
Facebook. 121
Owner, 121 Dietitian; Private Practice; Personal consultation service via web-cam in order to provide clients with nutritional advice specific to them without having to leave the office or home environment; member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA)
King, Diane. MS, RD, ATC, CSSD Website. Dietitian Central Certified Diabetes Educator, NATA Certified Athletic Trainer; Specializes. Sports Nutrition; Consultant; Expert, Dietitian Central; Speaker for Athletic Teams
King, Kathy. RD, LD Website.
Helm Publishing Newsletter
Founder, Helm Publishing: Continuing Education through home study courses (Excellent Courses & Large Variety); Publisher, The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist, Nutrition Therapy, Moving Away from Diets; Editor, The Competitive Edge, Marketing Manual;  International Speaker; Nutrition Radio Talk Show; Intuitive Eating Certificate of Training

Klimczak, Karen. RD, LDN

Website. Nutrition & Wellness Counseling; Consulting; Speaker; Specialize in Women's Nutrition, Pre/Post-Natal Nutrition, Tween, Teen & College Nutrition, Weight Loss Surgeries
Klinger, Sylvia. RD Website. Hispanic Food Communications
Media Representative; Nutritionist for Hispanics Today; Guest appearances, Hispanic radio talk shows; Recipe Developer

Konoske, Tracy. MS, RD, LD

Twitter. @TracyKonoske
Facebook. Tracy.Healthy
Blog. Healthy Lifestyles Blog
LinkedIn. Tracy Konoske, MS, RD, LD

Owner, Healthy Lifestyles, Inc. Online Private Practice specializing in nutrition education and coaching to use Food-as-Medicine. Strong background in complimentary and alternative medicine. Services include nutrition education via one-on-one consults, grocery store tours, and employee wellness programs.  Speaker, Clinician

Kordick, Lindsay Kay. MS, RD, LN, HFS Blog. Eighty Twenty Personal Fitness Training for Sport and Fitness, Weight Loss Counseling, Sport Nutrition Consulting; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice; Clinical.
Kretser, Alison J. MS, RD Website. Executive Director, American Council for Fitness & Nutrition; ADA Task Force Member, Nutrition Labeling; Writer; Speaker; Specialize, Nutrition Regulatory Policy
Kucel, Stasha. MS, RD, LD Website. New Day Nutrition Services
Twitter. stashakucel
Owner of New Day Nutrition Services; Private Practice; Nutrition therapist; Blogger
Kweller, Amy. MS, RD Blog. The Pear Dish
Twitter: @AmyKwellerRD
Facebook. Amy Kweller
LinkedIn. Amy Kweller MS, RD
Writer & Editor of print and web materials;  Freelance Writer; Specializes in Nutrition Education, Clinical Nutrition, Public  Health, Prenatal, Postpartum, Infant & Child Nutrition, Breastfeeding Support,
Weight Management, Disease Prevention, Recipe Modification, Food Science, Food Safety
Lakatos, Tammy. RD, LD, CDN, CPT Website.
Weight Control, Certified Personal Trainer; Author of Fire Up Your Metabolism; Public Appearances, Speaker, Writer
Lakatos, Lyssie. RD, LD, CDN, CPT Website.
Weight Control, Certified Personal Trainer; Author of Fire Up Your Metabolism; Public Appearances, Speaker, Writer
Landman, Alix. RD, MPH, CDE Website.  President, Landman & Associates, Inc; Private Practice, Weight Control, Gastric Bypass, Heart Disease, Diabetes,  Sports Nutrition, Vegetarian, Eating Disorders & Cancer Prevention.
Larsen, Joanne. MS, RD, LD Website.
Editor, ADA's online diet manual; Website Author, Ask the Dietitian What 2 Eat™; Researcher;  Develops technology to help people make healthier food choices
Lattin, Barbara. MS, RD, LD Website. Owner, Sound Bites Nutrition; Private Practice; Consultant; Expertise, Weight Management & Preventing & Controlling Chronic Diseases; ServSafe certified; Member, Nutrition Council 
Lax, Adam. RD, LDN Website:
Facebook: Infinity Weight Management
Owner and Founder of RD4U, Inc. Certified in Adult Weight Management, Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management, Diabetes, Gastric Bypass, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Culinary and Diet Designer; Speaker; Blogger; Private Practice

Ledder, Dru. MS, RD

LinkedIn. Dru Ledder, MS, RD

Owner, Simply Nutrition, LLC offers Medical Nutrition Therapy for individuals with chronic diseases such as: diabetes, celiac disease, allergies, PCOS & other specialties.  Weight management services offered for children, teens and adults using Emotional Brain Training to decrease stress and overeating. Instructor for the Wired For Joy and the Solution For Weight; Certified as Shapedown Instructor; Private Practice.
Leman, Cathy. MA, RD Website.
Founder & Owner, NutriFit, Inc; Certified Personal Trainer; Educator; Communication; Freelance Writer; Speaker; Author
Lemond, Angela RD, CSP, LD Website.  Angela Lemond, RD, CSP, LD
Blog. Mommy Dietitian
Twitter. MommyDietitian
Facebook. Mommy Dietitian
LinkedIn. Angela Lemond, RD, CSP, LD
Specializes in Pediatric and Family Nutrition; GI and Oncology. Goal: To be the connection between the health professional and the average family trying to "do" a healthy lifestyle. Knowledge is one thing - living it out is another!
Lieberman, Layne. RD, MS, CDN Website.
Twitter. @LayneWebRD
Google+. WebRD-Food & Nutrition
Food and Recipes, Restaurant and Supermarket Consulting, Spokesperson, Inspired by Wholesome Food from Around the World, lives between USA and Europe. Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Spokesperson
Twitter. dearnutrition
Blogger; Writer; Culinary Explorer; and Food Paramour
Lozicki, Sheryl. RD, MBA Website.
Owner, E2 Eating & Exercise for Optimal Fitness, LLC; Specializes in Sports Nutrition; Freelance; Corporate Wellness; Family Meal Planning
Macdonald, Erin. RD
Website. U rock girl
Blog. Complete Wellness Now
LinkedIn. Erin Macdonald
Facebook: U Rock Girl
Specializes in Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Women's Health, Children's Nutrition, Worksite Wellness, Recipe Development and Analysis;  Authored numerous articles and blogs regularly at Complete Wellness Now
Maillet, Jessica. MS, RD, LDN, CPT-ACSM Website/Blog.

Blogger, “A Party For Food" because every meal should be a celebration; Certified Personal Trainer; Passionate about Local Foods, Sports Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Motivational Coaching
Mangieri, Heather. MS, RD, CSSD, LDN Website.
Nutrition Consulting Private Practice; Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics; Educator
Marceaux, Seanna. RD Twitter. Director of Nutrition Services at Meals on Wheels
March, Susan Burke. MS, RD, LD/N, CDE Website.

Certified Diabetes Educator; Media Spokesperson, FDA; Author,  Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally ; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice; Columnist

Marie, Shelly. RD Website.
Executive Director, College Lifestyles (TM) is a nutrition, lifestyle, and etiquette firm devoted to savvy co-eds and sorority ladies
Marn, Joan A. MS, RD, LD/N Twitter. President, Nutrition Matters!; Consultant; Adjunct Professor; Specializes in Cardiovascular Health & Wellness Issues

Marquette, Christine E. RD, LD, CLT

Website. Marquette Nutrition and Fitness
Facebook. Marquette Nutrition and Fitness
Twitter. ChrisMarquette

Chris is a vegetarian sports nutritionist, registered & licensed dietitian & Health Fitness Specialist working in Austin. Specialties include celiac & PCOS. ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist

Marr, Liz. MS, RD Website/Blog.
Food & Nutrition Communications. Chair, Food & Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group
Marschel, Karen. RD, LD, CDE, CLT Website.
Owner of KM Nutrition Consulting; Offering e-coaching programs, Screening Services;  Diabetes Prevention;
 IBS, Fibromyalgia Relief; Medtronic Insulin Pump Training; Diabetes Programs; Consultations; Speaker; Clinic Consults; Writer; Blogger
Massey, Amber. RD Blog/Website. Chocolate Broccoli
Facebook. Chocolate Broccoli
Twitter. @chocolatebroc
LinkedIn. Amber Massey
Member of the Texas Dietetic Association & ADA; belongs to the following DPGs: Medical Nutrition Practice Group; Nutrition Entrepreneurs; and Food & Culinary Professionals. Blogger
McElhaney, Elizabeth. RD, LDN, CPT Website. Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics; Certified Health Fitness Specialist; Personal Trainer & Fitness; Specializes, Sports Nutrition, Personal Fitness, Wellness; Worked with NFL Miami Dolphins; Media Spokesperson; Consultant; Fitness Classes; Foodie
McGrath, Leah. RD, LDN  Website. Ask Leah
Ingles Supermarket Corporate Dietitian; Writer; TV & Radio Appearances; Recipe Developer; Gluten-free Advocate; Certified Health Promotions Director
Medinsky, Sophia. MS, RD, CDN Website. Dietitian Central Expert, Dietitian Central; Expertise: Oncology, General Nutrition, Heart Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Weight Loss/Management
Medlen, Joan Guthrie. M.Ed, RD
Website. Phronesis Publishing and JEM Communications
Blog. Practical Wisdom: Phronesis
Facebook. Phronesis Publishing and JEM Communications
Twitter. @jmedlen
LinkedIn. Joan Guthrie Medlen
Owner, Phronesis Publishing, LLC.  Creates practical tools to use to support self-determined, healthy lives for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Offers webinars, CEUs for RDs, lesson plans, books, presentations and other tools. Author: The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook and Cooking by Color: Recipes for Independence.  Speaker; Author; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice
Mitchell, Emily. MS, RD, CSSD, CDE Website. Emily Mitchell, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE
Specializes in Sports Nutrition, Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Wellness, Heart Health, Women's Nutrition, Gi Health;  Speaker; Writer; Private Practice; Grocery Store Tours. Board Certified Sports Specialist
 Moppert, Darlene. MS, RD, LDN Website. Fort Lauderdale Diet
Website. Broward County Schools, Food and Nutrition Services
Program Manager for Nutrition Education & Training for Broward County Public Schools; Adjunct Faculty; Author, Fort Lauderdale Diet, Past President, BCDA, FDA & Past Delegate to ADA 

Mora, Kati. RD

Website. Mora Nutrition
Twitter. Around the Plate
Facebook. Around the Plate

Blog. Around the Plate
LinkedIn. Kati Mora

Founder, Mora Nutrition, a company dedicated to providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to make nutritious choices daily. Specializes in nutrition for Diabetes, Weight Management, Cardiovascular Health,  HIV/AIDS and General Wellness. Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Private Practice

Morgan, Molly. RD, CDN Website: Creative Nutrition Solutions
Blog. Simple Nutrition
LinkedIn. Molly Morgan
Facebook. Molly Morgan
Facebook. The Skinny Rules
YouTube. Molly Morgan
Twitter. @mollymorganrd
Owner of Creative Nutrition Solutions; author of The Skinny Rules, the 101 Secrets that Every Skinny Girl Knows. Expertise in Nutrition Communication and Sports Nutrition. Certified in Adolescent and Pediatric Weight Management. Author, Speaker, Private Practice and Blogger.
Morrison, Ellen. MS, RD, LDN LinkedIn. Ellen Morrison, MS RD LDN Private Practice, Specializing in Eating Disorders

Morrissey, Nicole. MS, RD, LD

Blog. Prevention RD
Twitter. preventionRD
Facebook:  Prevention RD

Speaker; Blogger; Specializes in Diabetes, Insulin Therapy, Weight Management and Bariatrics.

Mosing, Lisa. RD Website.
Communications; Spokesperson; Consultant; Food & Nutrition Research
Myers-Wright, Anne. RD, APD (UK)
Website/Blog. Northwest Nutrition
Twitter. @northwnutrition
Facebook. Northwest Nutrition
LinkedIn. Anne Myers-Wright
Specializes in nutrition education, general nutrition and dietetics, diabetes management and all other clinical areas. Over 17 years experiences in clinical, community, health promotion, industry and freelance. Speaker; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice; Clinical; Lectures in Nutrition and Dietetics

Myerson, Kate. RD, CDE

Blog: Eatucation
Twitter: @katemyerson
Facebook: Kate Myerson
LinkedIn: Kate Myerson

Certified Diabetes Educator; Teaches DSME classes; Provides Individual Nutrition Counseling for Adults with Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes and various other conditions. Enjoys cooking and bringing cooking into her practice. Blogger and Clinician.

Nahra, Maya E. RD, LD

Website. Pure Nutrition
Twitter. @MayaTheRD
Facebook. Ask Maya
Blog. Ask The RD
Blog. Happy Belly Food

LinkedIn. Maya E. Nahra

Specializes in holistic & alternative nutrition. Shares passion for real, pure food through in home, nutrition parties & consultations. Teaches clients healthy lifestyles through helping them reconnect to their inner self, food and Earth. Member of  Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine; Nutrition Entrepreneurs;  Food and Culinary Professionals.
Nelson, Lisa. RD Website.
Owner, eNutrition Services; Blogger; Specializes in Heart Healthy Tips & Weight Loss
Neville, Kerry. MS, RD Twitter. Owner, KLMN Nutrition Communications; ADA Spokesperson
Newgent, Jackie. RD Website.
Food Writer; Culinary Nutritionist; Eco-Cuisine Expert; Author, Big Green Cookbook & The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook; Instructor
Newman, Kristi. RD, CD Website. Community nutrition; Specializes in Cardiovascular Disease,  Diabetes, Hypertension,  Kidney Disease,  Digestive Disorders, Geriatrics, Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Cancer, Weight Control & General Nutrition
Ngo, Lacy. MS, RD, LD Website. Ngo's Online Weight Loss Center
Blog: ngosweightloss
Twitter: @LacyBNgo
Facebook: Ngo's Weight Loss Center
LinkedIn: Ngo Lacy
Online Weight Loss Counseling, Private Nutrition Counseling, Group Classes, Author of  "Everything to Lose book" and "Everything to Lose Weight Loss Educational" DVDs. Experience: Renal Dietitian, Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger, Private Practice
Noguera, Amaris. MPH, RD, LDN
Twitter. @AmarisNoguera
LinkedIn. Amaris Noguera

Corporate & Employee Wellness Dietitian; Individual Weight Loss Counseling, Educational Cooking Demos, Speaker on Nutrition and Wellness.

Nussinow, Jill. RD Website.

Author, The Veggie Queen; Culinary Educator; Pressure Cooking Expert; Consultant; Writer; Speaker; Blogger

Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RD and
Kathy Siegel, RD, CDN
Website. Nutrition Babes
Twitter. NutritionBabes
Facebook. Nutrition Babes
Blog. Nutrition Babes
LinkedIn. Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RD
YouTube. Nutrition Babes
Kathy and Lauren are co-hosts of Family Food Experts Talk Radio Show airing on W4WN Internet radio. They specialize in social media consulting, spokesperson and brand ambassador work, writing, online video education, recipe development, corporate wellness and individual counseling. The NutritionBabes host sponsored twitter parties at #FamFoodExperts and #BabesCook. Speaker; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice; Spokesperson

O'Connor, Lauren. MS, RD

Blog. Nutri-Savvy
Twitter.  @LaurenOConnorRD
Facebook. Lauren O'Connor, MS, RD
LinkedIn. Lauren O'Connor 

Owner, Nutri-Savvy; Nutritional Consultant; Blogger; Writer. Enjoys healthy cooking, food & travel. Motto: "Savor, Taste & Enjoy Nutrition!"

Ofstein, Pamela. MS, RD, LDN

Blog. Pamela Ofstein 
Website. eDiets
Twitter. @PamRD_eDiets
Facebook. Pamela Ofstein

LinkedIn. Pamela Ofstein

eDiets, Director of Nutrition; Consultant, Pamela B. Ofstein & Associates; Spokesperson for Media and Public Relations; Web-based Videos; Film Production; Pod Casts; Article Contributions; Author, "Look and Feel Great Through Nutrition". Speaker; Author; Blogger

O'Grady, Patricia. RD, LDN Website:

Expert in Long Term Care; Consultant; Mentor, RDs & Food Service Managers; Management Team Lead

Oriolo, Betsy. MS, RD, LD, CDE

website: Dietitian Central

Owner, Total Nutrition Therapy, LLC; Consultation; Certified Diabetes Educator; Certified in Adult Weight Management; Expert, Dietitian Central; Expertise: Diabetes, Weight Loss Management, General Nutrition; Writer; Speaker; Public Appearances
Ortiz, Nancy. MS, RD Blog. The FRUGAL Dietitian
Facebook. The Frugal Dietitian
LinkedIn. Nancy Ortiz
Blogger; Looking for deals and supporting good nutrition.
Ovrut, Janel. MS, RD Website. Eat Well with Janel
Blog. Eat Well with Janel
Blog. Food Network, Healthy Eats with Janel Ovrut
Facebook. Eat Well with Janel
LinkedIn. Janel Ovrut, MS RD
Twitter. @DietitianJanel
Corporate Wellness; Counseling; Board member, State Professional Recruitment Coordinator; Blogger; Writer
Palinski, Erin. RD, LDN, CDN, CPT Website.
Certified Personal Trainer; Author; Speaker; Media Spokesperson; Private Practice
Pangan, Teresa. PhD, RD Website.
Co-Owner, Feed Your Career, LLC; Career management for Food, Nutrition & Culinary Professionals
Pankonin, Amber. MS, RD, LMNT Website/Blog:
Clinical dietitian working with TBI, SCI & Pediatrics. Speaker; Writer; Blogger hoping to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle.
Pardue, Kristen RD, LDN, CLC Website. Naturally Free RD
Blog. Naturally Free RD
Twitter. @GFreeDietitian
Facebook. Naturally Free RD
LinkedIn. Kristen Pardue, RD, LDN, CLC
Gluten Free, Natural Foods, Holistic Health Enthusiast, Exercise Guru, Certified Lactation Counselor. Speaker; Blogger; and Private Practice
Patenaude, Jan. RD, CLT Website.
Director of Medical Nutrition, Signet Diagnostic Corp; Private Practice; Specialist in adverse food/chemical reactions; Certified LEAP Therapist training
Pathak, Tejal. MS RD LD
Website. Nutrition4Ages
Facebook. Tejal's Nutritiopn4Ages
LinkedIn. Tejal Pathak, MS, RD, LD
Private Practice; Specializes in vegan diets, Indian foods, management or prevention of chronic diseases, maintenance of optimum health and increased energy.
Pazder, Nadine. MS, RD, LDN
Twitter. @NadineFLRD
LinkedIn. Nadine Pazder
Sharecare. Nadine Pazder

Medical Nutrition Therapy individual counseling, adults and children, Certificate in Adult Weight Management, contributed to "Nutrition A-Z", daily nutrition tips on twitter, contributing expert on ShareCare, 8 years as health reporter on BayNews9, Florida. Past-president of Florida Dietetic Association. Spokesperson; Clinician

Perez, Joanne. MS, RDN, LD
Twitter: @realbiteRD
RD who believes life is too short not to take a Real Bite! Blogger, writer, on-line consulting RD, social media lover and runner who doesn't believe in diets.
Peterson, Wendy Jo. MS, RD
Roadie Nutritionist (TM) at
Fuelin' Roadie (TM)
Website/Blog. Edible Nutrition
LinkedIn. Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RD
Facebook. Edible Nutrition
Twitter. @EdibleNutrition
YouTube. wjpertersonrd
Blog. Fuelin Roadie
Facebook. Fuelin’ Roadie
Twitter. @FuelinRoadie
YouTube. FuelinRoadie
Owner of Edible Nutrition; Well-known Blogger -  Roadie Nutritionist (TM) at Fuelin' Roadie (TM). Culinary background; Speaker; Writer;  Private Practice.  Specialties Include: Weight Control,  Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol,
Digestive Disorders, Women's Health (Menopause, PCOS, Fibromyalgia, etc.); Sports Nutrition & Ultra Sports (Adventure Racing, Hiking, Climbing, Mountaineering).
Plotkin, Robin. RD, LD Website. Robin Plotkin, RD, LD
Blog. Robinsbite
Facebook. Robinsbite
Twitter. @Robinsbite
LinkedIn. Robin Plotkin
Culinary & Nutrition Communication Consultant; Spokesperson; PR Strategist
Plotkin, Carol. MS, RD Website. OnNutrition
Certified Fitness Instructor; Specializes in wellness & overall physical fitness
Preves, Diane. MS, RD Website:
Linked In: Diane Preves. MS, RD
Facebook:  Diane Preves. MS, RD
Developed & Taught, 10-week N.E.W. LIFE (Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness for LIFE) Program; Corporate Wellness; Author, Restoring the Blessing: Freedom from Bondage to Food & Body Image;  Freelance Writer; Blogger; Specialties: Weight-loss, cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, eating disorders, nutrition for athletes
Rael, Shelley. MS, RD, LD Blog.
Sr. Clinical Nutritionist, Employee Health Promotion Program, UNM;  Public Policy Coordinator, NMDA; Health promotion
Rainer, Lisa. MS, RD
Website/Blog. Healthful Sense
Twitter. @HealthfulSense
LinkedIn. Lisa Rainer, MS, RD
RSS FEED. Healthful Sense

Writer and blogger about anything related to healthful eating.

Rampolla, Joni. RD, LDN Website. Nutrition the Right Weigh, LLC
Website. Dietitian Central
Specializes in Weight Management; Corporate Wellness; Nutrition Expert for the genetic disorder Cornelia de Lange Syndrome; Speaker; Researcher; Fund Raiser;
Expert at Dietitian Central.
Reardon-Puentes, Stella. RD Website. The Nutrition Pros Specializes in ketogenic diet for seizure control as well as all children with special needs.
Reiss-Goldfarb, Ellen. RD Website.
Private Practice;  Co-founder, Through the Looking Glass, support program for eating disorders;  Certification, Childhood &  Adolescent Weight Management; Speaker
Remmer, Sarah. RD, CDE
Website. Nutrio Consulting
Blog: the food whisperers
Facebook: The Food Whisperers
Twitter. @nutritionwSarah
LinkedIn: Sarah Remmer, RD, CDE

Owner of Nutrio Consulting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Certified Diabetes Educator; Nutrition Writer; Private Practice; and Spokesperson. Author of “The Food Whisperers Blog”, a fun and honest blog about the love for good food, healthy living and being a mommy.

Reyes Clark, Cathy. RD, LD Website.
Landman and Associates
Private Practice, Associate of Landman;  Owner, Newtrition Concepts Inc, Menu Design & Analysis, Corporate Wellness, Weight Loss, Gastric Bypass Nutrition Intervention; Speaker; Educator; Media Spokesperson

Reynolds, Denise. RD, LDN

Website. Denise Reynolds, RD, LDN
Website. Emax Health
Twitter. @healthycarolina
Facebook. Healthy Carolina! 
Health and Nutrition Writer with Special Interests in Weight Loss, Children's Nutrition and Women's Health.

Ridens, Ursula. RD

President, Ursula Ridens, RD Inc; Private Practice; Speaker; Corporate Wellness; Virtual Resources for Weight Management & Emotional Eating; Specializes in Eating Disorders
Riedesel, Debra. RD, LD
Website. The Cycle Diet
Forum. Cycle Diet Forum
Newsletter. Cycle Diet Newsletter
LinkedIn. Debra Riedesel, RD, LD
Twitter. NutritionistaRD
Specializes in Women's Health; Developed the Cycle Diet. The diet is based on the latest nutrition and medical research available on PMS, PMDD, and reproductive health.
Riola, Gabrielle RD, LDN Website. Nurturing Nutrition
Blog. Nurturing Nutrition
Twitter. @NurturingRD
Nurturing Nutrition
Owner of Online Nutrition Counseling Website; Blogger, Writer
Rodríguez, Maritza. RD LDN

LinkedIn.  M. Rodríguez

Nutrition Management, Nutrigenomic, Nutrigenetic, Integrative Nutrition
Rossi, Kelly. MS, RD Twitter. Staff Scientist at Strategic Analysis, Inc

Rubery, Melanie R.  MS, RD, LD, CLT

LinkedIn. Melanie Rubery
Founder, Healthy Life and  Nutrition, LLC; Nutrition Education; Counseling; Expertise: Weight Management, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease & General Nutrition
Rudalavage, Heather. RD Website.
Private Practice; Non-diet approach to Wellness & Weight Loss; Lunch & Learn Workshops

Ruggiero, Tina. MS, RD, LD

Website. The Gourmet Nutritionist
Blog: The Gourmet Nutritionist
Twitter: @Tina_Ruggiero
YouTube: GourmetNutritionist
Travels the world offering her services as a nutrition expert, spokesperson, recipe developer, corporate consultant and media relations specialist. Quoted in national media; Appears on syndicated television and radio programs; Works with the food and beverage industry; Author of  "The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet." Speaker; Author; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice; Spokesperson
Ruhs, Barbara. MS, RD, LDN
Website. Neighborhood Nutrition
Facebook. Neighborhood Nutrition
Twitter. @eatsmartAZ
LinkedIn. Barbara Ruhs
Blog. The Nutrition SKU...A Supermarket RD Perspective
Website. Bashas' Corporate Website
Owner, Neighborhood Nutrition; Specializes in Corporate Supermarket Dietetics; Food Industry; Consumer Education; and General Nutrition. Private Practice; Writer; Blogger; Spokesperson for Bashas'.
Rust, Rosanne. MS, RD, LDN

Website. Rust Nutrition
Twitter. @rustnutrition

Freelance writer, Consultant to the food industry, Educator, Online Nutrition Coach. Co-Author of Calorie Counter Journal for Dummies® (Nov 2010), Glycemic Index Cookbook for Dummies® (Dec 2010), The Calorie Counter for Dummies® (Nov 2009)

Salomon, Sharon. MS, RD Blog. Dieting Dietitian. My Life as a Serial Dieter
Freelance Writer & Restaurant Reviews; Educator; Blogger; Certificate from La Varenne Cooking School, France.
Sass, Cynthia. MPH, MA, RD, CSSD Website. Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, CSSD
Blog. Weight Loss Coach
LinkedIn. Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, CSSD
Twitter. @cynthiasass
Owner, Sass Consulting Services, Inc. Personalized Counseling; Specializes in Weight  Management, Sports Nutrition, Vegetarian, Eating Disorders, Wellness, Disease Prevention, Healthy Cooking. Provides Corporate Consulting;  Workshops; Recipe/Menu Development. Co-author: Flat Belly Diet
Scalpi, Gretchen. RD, CDE Website.
Certified Diabetes Educator; Private Practice;  Specializes in Diabetes Management & Weight Loss.
Scheuner, Karen. MA, RD Twitter. Private Practice
Schilling, Leslie. MA, RD, CSSD, LDN Website.
Owner, Schilling Nutrition Therapy, LLC; Board Certified in Sports Dietetics; Specializes in sports nutrition, eating disorders & weight management
Schwartz, Jaime. RD Twitter. Ketchum PR. Work with food companies to help educate people about healthy eating and all things nutrition
Schwartz, Rosie. RD Twitter. Consulting; Author; Speaker; Writer on Nutrition, Food & Travel
Schwartz Wennik, Roberta. MS, RD Websites. Spin-a-Recipe;
Author, Is Your Personality Type Making You Fat? Health Coach, Speaker, Spokesperson & Writer
Scritchfield, Rebecca. MA, RD, LD, ACSM Website.
Twitter. ScritchfieldRD
Private Practice & Educator in Sports Nutrition & Weight Management; Certified Health & Fitness Specialist

Segarra, Magda. RD, LDN


Owner , Top Notch Dietitians, LLC; Consultant Dietitian, Long Term Care & Food Safety Training

Segrave-Daly, Deanna.  RD, LDN Website. Teaspoon Communications
Teaspoon Communications, comprised of 3 food-loving RDs working for commodity groups, food industry, PR agencies, restaurants and media outlets.
Sepe, Anthony. RD Website.
Blog.  From a Dietitian's Perspective
Author, Medical Nutrition Therapy; Writer;  Blogger; Member, National Organization of Men in Nutrition
Setnick, Jessica. MS, RD, LD, CSSD Website.
Owner, Understanding Nutrition; Author, The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide; Founder, Eating Disorders Boot Camp
 Sfikas, Sandy. RD, LDN  

Blog. Food, Fit, & Fun

Editor of Diabetic Cooking Magazine; Dietitian, Fitness Formula Clubs; Consultation; Speaker; Blogger; Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management (ADA).
Shanta Retelny, Victoria. RD Website.
Food & Nutrition Communications;  Writer; Blogger
Shudnow, Allison B. MS, RD, LDN Website. Certification in Adult Weight Management; Specializes in Eating Disorders including Binge Eating, Bulimia, Anorexia, Pica & more; Counselor; Restaurant Dining Groups; Consultant, Tyra Banks Show
Silber, Debi. MS, RD


Inspiring unfit, overweight and overwhelmed moms to "get their mojo back" through gradual lifestyle change.

Simon, Linda. RD

Blog. Kitchen Therapy

Overcome your gluten free issues. Online Gluten Free Cooking Video Series; Writer;  Speaker; Personal Chef for Multiple Diets;  Individual & Group On-Site Cooking Classes.

Smith, LeeAnn. MPH, RD Website.
Website. Dietitian Central.
Certified Diabetes Educator; Certification of Training in Childhood & Adolescent Weight Management; Private Practice; Expert, Dietitian Central; Expertise: Renal Nutrition, Diabetes, Weight Management, General Nutrition; Blogger; Contributing Writer;  Media Appearances

Smith-Oswald, Daryl. RD, LD, LLC


Compassionate Nutrition Therapy for Disordered Eating and Medical Diets; Private Practice

Smithson, Toby. RD, LDN, CDE
Website. Diabetes Everyday
Blog. Diabetes Everyday Blog
Twitter. @diabetesevryday
LinkedIn. Toby Smithson, RD, LDN, CDE
YouTube. DiabetesEveryDay's Channel
Founder of;  Diabetes management; - an online support website for persons with diabetes; spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association; community nutrition; women's health, kosher cooking; media; columnist for Daily Herald Newspaper
Sonak, Alison RD

Website. Sonak Family Chiropractic
Twitter. @asonakrd
Facebook. Nutrition Made Simple, Alison Sonak RD
LinkedIn. Alison Sonak
Specializes in Weight Control, Group Classes, Diabetes, Heart Disease. Personalized coaching to help achieve health goals. Speaker, Private Practice, Clinical
Spano, Marie. RD Website.
Blog. Performance Nutrition
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS); Communications; Freelance Writer

Stahl, Theresa. RD, LDN

Website: Theresa Stahl, Registered Dietitian
Twitter: @tstahlrd 
Facebook: Theresa Yosuico Stahl
Blog: Balanced Eating
LinkedIn: Theresa Yosuico Stahl
Renal Dietitian Specialist, Western MD Regional Dialysis Center Adjunct Instructor, Potomac State College of West Virginia University. Areas of specialization: Wellness and Prevention; Renal Nutrition; Women's Nutrition; Weight Control; Diabetes.  Nutrition Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Author, Blogger, Clinical
Stamates-Roerty, Tracey. RD, LD, CDE

Website.  Four County Nutrition
Facebook. Four County Nutrition

Specializes in Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Cardiovascular Health and Sports Nutrition.  Insurance provider for all major insurance carriers.
Stirling, Emma. BSc, MND, APD
Website: Scoop on Nutrition
The Scoop on Nutrition is a blog based down-under in Australia.  Global experience from living & working in the USA, Hong Kong & London. Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD - equivalent to RD); Passionate about bringing accurate, credible and user-friendly nutrition advice; Strong background in Health Writing & Strategic Nutrition Communication; Food Lover
Stoler, Felicia. DCN, MS, RD, FACSM Websites.;
Honey we're killing the kids, TLC
Exercise Physiologist; Certification, Health & Fitness Instructor; Host of TLC'S show "Honey we're killing the kids!" 
Stollman, Lisa. MA, RD, CDE, CDN Website: Lisa Stollman, MA, RD, CDE, CDN
Twitter: @eatwellrd
Blog: Eat Well Now
Private Practice, specializes in children and adult weight management and general dietetics & nutrition;  Speaker; Writer; Blogger 
Subbiah, Rebecca. RD, CPT, SRD Blog. Chow and Chatter

Facebook. Chow and Chatter
Freelance Writer; Food Blogger; Personal Trainer; Passion for Food & Travel
Sugiuchi, Diana. RD, LDN, CNSD, ACSM-HFS Website.
Owner, Nourish Family Nutrition Coaching; Private Practice
Swann, Lauren. MS, RD, LDN

Website. Concept Nutrition, Inc.
Twitter. @LaurenSwann
Facebook. Concept Nutrition, Inc
Blog. Spicy Currents: “Newsy Flavor To Savor”

LinkedIn. Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN
LinkedIn Group. Food, Nutrition, Dietary Supplement & Menu Labeling & Advertising
LinkedIn Group. Cultural, Ethnic & Religious Foods, Foodways & Dietary Practices
"Strategies for the Effective Delivery of Accurate Nutrition Messages". Specializes in Food Labeling Regulations; Nutrient Analyses of Products, Recipes, Menus; Nutrition Facts panels; Marketing Communications, Public Relations; Freelance Writing for Consumer, Trade & Professional Audiences; Cultural, Ethnic & Religious Foodways & Dietary Practices. Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger, Columnist, Spokesperson.
Taccone, Fran. Ph.D., RD Twitter. Community Nutritionist at Vistas Unlimited; Marketing & Communications; Adjunct Faculty
Tannenbaum, Allison. MS, RD Website.
Twitter. @Nutrition4Lifee
Facebook. Allison Tannenbaum, Nutrition4Life
Blog. Nutrition4Life
LinkedIn. Allison Tannenbaum
Specializes in weight loss, healthy eating and living. MNT: cardiac, diabetes, HTN. Provides nutrient analysis for chef's and restaurants; Adjunct college professor; Nutrition consulting for Visiting Nurse Service of NY; and teaches online weight loss classes for Vtrim online. Speaker; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice; Columnist; Clinical
Taub-Dix, Bonnie. MA, RD, CDN Website. BTD Nutrition Consultants
Blogs. USA Today; Better Than Dieting
Facebook. Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD, CDN
LinkedIn. Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD, CDN
Twitter @eatsmartbd
Owner, BTD Nutrition Consultants; Motivational Speaker; ADA Media Spokesperson; Nutrition Consultant; Blogger, Writer & Author
Taylor, Susan. RD, LD Website. RD on Call
Twitter. @rdnut11
Facebook. RD On Call
LinkedIn. Susan Taylor

Owner: RD On Call. Private Practice providing nutrition counseling services focusing on people with food sensitivities, food intolerances, and weight management issues. Writer and Blogger.

Tharalson, Julie. RD Website/Blog.
Formal Culinary Training; Blogger; Freelance Writer
Tillman, Angie. RD, LDN, CDE Website/Blog.

Speaker; Writer; Blogger; Specializes in making healthy eating quick & simple in real life, Weight Management, Wellness.

Timmermann, Erica L. MS, RD

Website. Erica Timmermann, MS, RD
Blog. The Healthy Food Junky

Speaker; Blogger; Specializes in Weight Loss, Eating Disorders, Community Nutrition and Geriatrics. Helping to change the way America eats one person at a time.
Tribole, Evelyn. MS, RD Website.
LinkedIn. Intuitive Eating Professionals
Blogs. Omega-6 Research News; Nutrition 411
Founder, Intuitive Eating Professionals; Co-author, Intuitive Eating;  Author, Healthy Homestyle Cooking; Private Practice, specializes in eating disorders, celiac disease
Toiba, Ruth. PhD, RD, CDE, MBA Website. Dr Ruth Diabetes Watchers CPEU provider, in the area of Diabetes Management and Education for healthcare professionals. 20 CPEUs are provided for a three day class; Private Practice; Speaker
Tsang, Gloria. RD Website.
Editor-in-Chief & Author,; Writer; Media Expert; CR Chair of American Overseas Dietetic Association; Mentor
Upton, Julie. MS, RD, CSSD Website. Julie Upton
Website. Nutrition Spokesperson
Blog. Appetite for Health 
LinkedIn. Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD
Twitter. @julieupton
Owner, Upton PR Solutions, Inc; Specializes in Marketing and Advertising; Writer for food and beverage brands and commodity and trade associations; Spokesperson; Co-Authored with Jenna Bell-Wilson, Ph.D., RD, Energy to Burn: The Ultimate Food and Nutrition Guide to Fuel Your Active Life.

Veazey, Lara. MA, RD, LD, NSCA-CPT

Website. Healthy Lifestyles OKC
Twitter.  @LVhealthnut
Facebook. Healthy Lifestyles OKC
Blog. Healthy Lifestyles OKC
LinkedIn. Lara Veazey
Conducts seminars for children, adolescents and adults in topics dealing with nutrition for wellness and various diseases. Speaker for numerous community groups. Specializes in weight control, sports nutrition and fitness. State media representative for the Oklahoma Dietetic Association. Teaches at the University of Central Oklahoma. Speaker; Blogger and Private Practice.

Velotta, Kelly. MS, RD, LDN

Owner, Whole Body Nutrition & Fitness, LLC; Nutrition Counseling & Personal Training; Specializes in Weight Control,
Cardiovascular Disease, Prevention, Sports Nutrition, Wellness, Eating & Living Green, Healthy Cooking
Ver Steeg, Nikki. RD, LN Website.
Founder, Your Diet Designer, LLC; Certified Wellness Coach; Spokesperson, SD Dietetic Association; Private Practice; Freelance Writer
Villar, Melissa. MS, RD, LDN Website. Miss Chef RD
Facebook. Miss Chef RD
Blog. Miss Chef RD
LinkedIn. Miss Chef RD
Co-Founder of Miss Chef RD, where we not only aim to improve the nutritional status of our clients, but also to satisfy their stomachs and their senses. Arming them with nutritional know-how and teaching them that healthy doesn't have to mean boring or bland.
Warshaw, Hope. MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM Website.
Diabetes Educator; Author, on diabetes nutrition & healthy restaurant eating
Watson, Christine. RD Website. Compassionate Nutritionist
Helps Busy People Incorporate Healthy Vegetarian Meals & Green Living Practices into their Daily Lives.
Weiner, Susan. RD, MS, CDE Website. Susan Weiner Nutrition
Blog. Susan Weiner Nutrition
LinkedIn. Susan Weiner RD, MS, CDE
Facebook. Susan Weiner Nutrition
Twitter. @susangweiner
Certified Diabetes Educator; Product Spokesperson;  Media Consultant; Contributing medical producer for "D Life TV", For your Diabetes. Private practice; Specializes in diabetes, weight management, sports nutrition and  heart disease.
Weir, Valerie M. RD, LD Website. Dietitian Central Freelance Writer & Website Editor; Expert, Dietitian Central; Expertise: Pediatric Nutrition; International Practice; Contributor to several United Arab Emirate online health care business publications
Weiss, Liz. RD Website. Meal Makeover Moms
Meal Makeover Mom; Blogger; Host, Cooking with the Moms (radio); Cookbook Author
Westerkamp, Jenny. RD Website.
Co-founder of All Access Internships, a website meeting the needs of the dietetic student community; Blogger, Trendy Nutrition;  Writer
Whitfield, Lauryn. MS, RD, LD Website. Lauryn's Portfolio
Twitter. lollydub
Clinical Dietetics, Nutrition Support, Eating Disorders, Wellness
Wilson, Penny. RD, LD Website. Eating for Performance
Nutrition Coach; Athlete; Marathon Runner

Winkels, Kristi. RD

Website/Blog. Eating with Food Allergies
Twitter. @KristiWinkels
Facebook. Eating with Food Allergies

Founder of Eating with Food Allergies. Specializes in Food allergy, Food Intolerance and Celiac Disease. Blogger.

Wong, Mandi. RD, LD Website.
Co-Owner, Feed Your Career, LLC; Career management for Food, Nutrition & Culinary Professionals
Young, Diana. RD, LD/N, CDE Website.
Blog. Diana Young, RD

Twitter. menucoach
Diana Young, RD, LD/N, CDE
Certified Diabetes Educator; Health Coach Trainer, Take Shape for Life; Weight Management;  Insulin Pump Training; Blogger; Writer; Director of Nutrition Services at
Young, Lisa. PhD., RD, CDN Website.
Author, The Portion Teller Plan; Professor; Consultant;  Expert on portion control; Feature Writer
Zapata, Claudia. RD Website.  San Antonio Express News Columnist
Columnist, San Antonio Express-News; Marathon runner
Zelman, Kathleen M.  MPH, RD/LD Website. WebMd
Blog. Kathleen Zelman, RD's Blog
Director, Nutrition for WebMD Health & WebMD Weight Loss Clinic; Columnist; Correspondent;  Radio Co-Host; ADA Spokeswoman; Contributing Writer, Newspapers, Magazines & Books including Paul Prudhomme's A Fork in the Road, Healthy Eating for Babies and Toddlers & A Harvest of Healing Foods.
Zied, Elisa. MS, RD, CDN Website.
ADA Spokesperson; Freelance Writer; Author, Nutrition at Your Fingertips
Zisman, Carrie. MS, RD Website. Edible Advice Contributing Editor, Baby Boot Camp
Zuckerbrot, Tanya. MS, RD Website.
Author, The F-Factor Diet; Private Practice; Writer; Recipe Makeovers, Restaurant Reviews & Food Ordering Guides; Nutrition Tips

Dietetic Associations Online Presence
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Website.
Alabama Dietetic Association Website.
Alaska Dietetic Association Website.
Arkansas Dietetic Association Website.
Arizona Dietetic Association Website.
California Dietetic Association Website.
Colorado Dietetic Association Website.
Connecticut Dietetic Association Website.
Delaware Dietetic Association Website.
District of Columbia Dietetic Association Website.
Florida Dietetic Association Website.
Website. Broward County Dietetic Association
Georgia Dietetic Association Website.
Hawaii Dietetic Association Website.
Idaho Dietetic Association Website.
Illinois Dietetic Association Website.
Indiana Dietetic Association Website.
Iowa Dietetic Association Website.
Kansas Dietetic Association Website.
Kentucky Dietetic Association Website.
Louisiana Dietetic Association Website:
Maine Dietetic Association Website.
Maryland Dietetic Association Website.
Massachusetts Dietetic Association Website.
Michigan Dietetic Association Website.
Minnesota Dietetic Association Website.
Mississippi Dietetic Association Website.
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Montana Dietetic Association Website.
Nebraska Dietetic Association Website.
Nevada Dietetic Association Website.
New Hampshire Dietetic Association Website.
New Mexico Dietetic Association Website.
New Jersey Dietetic Association Website.
New York State Dietetic Association Website.
North Carolina Dietetic Association Website.
North Dakota Dietetic Association Website.
Ohio Dietetic Association Website.
Oklahoma Dietetic Association Website.
Oregon Dietetic Association Website.
Pennsylvania Dietetic Association Website.
Puerto Rico Chapter Website.
Rhode Island Dietetic Association Website.
South Carolina Dietetic Association Website.
South Dakota Dietetic Association Website.
Tennessee Dietetic Association Website.
Texas Dietetic Association Website.
Utah Dietetic Association Website.
Vermont Dietetic Association Website.
Virginia Dietetic Association Website.
Washington Dietetic Association Website.
West Virginia Dietetic Association Website.
Wisconsin Dietetic Association Website.
Wyoming Dietetic Association Website.


Dietetic Practice Groups
To Access the Dietetic Practice Groups (DPG) you must be a member of ADA


Health & Medical Associations
Non-Profit Consumer Agencies
Online Presence
American Council for Fitness and Nutrition Website.
American Diabetes Association Website.
American Heart Association Website.
American Public Health Association Website.
Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) Website.
Feeding America Website.
Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Website.
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Eating Disorders. Website.
Society of Nutrition Education Website.

Government Agencies Online Presence Website.
USDA, Food and Nutrition Information Center Website. Interactive DRI for Healthcare Professionals
USDA, My Website.
Twitter. MyPlate
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Website.

Trade Associations & Corporations Online Presence
Dairy Farmers, Inc. & Dairy Council of Florida Website.
Florida Citrus Website.
Fruits and Veggies Website.
National Dairy Council Website. National Dairy Council
Blog. The Dairy Report
National Peanut Board Website.
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Website.

Florida Agriculture

Websites. Florida Agriculture Florida Seafood; Fresh from Florida Kids
Facebook. Florida Agriculture

CPEU Providers Online Presence
CEU4U Website.
Dietitian Central Website.
Dr. Ruth Diabetes Watchers, Inc Website.
Food and Health Communications Website.
Helm Publishing Website.
Helm Publishing Newsletter Website.
Skelly Publishing Website.

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